The General cylinder press was invented by Dr. James A. Black in the late 1940's. Dr. Black patented his unique vacuum cylinder screen printing press in June of 1948. As a screen printer Dr. Black recognized the need for faster, more accurate production of decals, and designed the original General cylinder press to meet these demands. Over the next 20 years, General Research manufactured over seventy different models and sizes of the cylinder presses, from 11" x 12" to 60" x 120".

In 1970 General Research reached an agreement with Sakurai Machine Co. Japan, and Sericol Group Ltd. England to work together to distribute each others products. Under a licensing agreement, Sakurai began building the General Cylinder Press, and marketing it to the Orient. Sakurai paid General Research a royalty of any General Cylinder presses it manufactured and sold. General provided all of the designs and technical assistance to Sakurai, to produce these Japanese Generals.

During this 10 year agreement, General Research continued to develop new models. The 11C Pony Express was introduced as well as the 44C's. General continued its development into web presses, and the legendry TLD Web Press went into full production. General expanded its factory, and started to redesign a new generation of cylinder presses. At this time, General and Sakurai decided to terminate their agreement, and pursue the market independently.

In 1983 General Research was sold to Advance Process Supply Co. In March of 1985 Advance shut down the Michigan Factory, and merged the General Cylinder and Web press lines into its Chicago plants.

After the closure of the Michigan Facility, several ex-General employees joined forces to provide quality parts and service to General Press owners. With over 75 years of combined experience, BecMar became known as the major service center for older General Presses. While developing its own improved cylinder press, BecMar negotiated a deal with Advance to purchase all the rights, designs and patents to the General Press and the GENERAL name. In 1992 the deal was completed, and BecMar introduced it's own CLASSIC GENERAL CYLINDER Press at the S.P.A.I show in Indianapolis.

The legacy continues, as the General returns home to BecMar.

General’s product line includes the venerable General Pony Express and Ranger 25, favorites of profit-conscious printers who demand high-speed production, close-tolerance registration and fast set-ups. The line is now in its fourth generation, with presses that are ideal for spot printing, clear coating, heat transfers, decals, pressure-sensitive labels, greeting cards and P.O.P. displays. It also offers the best method of applying adhesive for flock and glitter.

General’s latest line, the Classic Cylinder Press introduced in 1992, is built to provide years of consistent, trouble-free performance at the highest production rates. The Classic Press prints heavy solid areas of color, fine line work, high resolution reverse copy and halftones at speeds up to 3,250 impressions per hour.

Over the years General has developed more than 70 models and sizes of the cylinder presses capable of print areas ranging from 11-by-12 inches to 60-by-120 inches. General also manufactures stackers and feeders with applications for many industries in addition to printing.

We can build a system from the ground up or incorporate your existing equipment. We are a team of problem solvers with the experience to assist you in bringing to market a cost effective solution for your most difficult applications. We are your printing experts with experience, commitment to quality, and the best service in the industry.


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