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3-In-1 Mesh Determiner

3-In-1 Mesh DeterminerFeatures 3-In-1 Mesh Determiner Technical Information / Specifications AWT World Trade Group

3-In-1 Mesh Determiner Description

Now your customers can stop trying to estimate the mesh count on their frames, with A.W.T.'s Mesh and Halftone Determiner Charts. These handy charts allow screen printers to easily and accurately verify monofilament and multifilament mesh counts, and may be used whether the fabric is on a roll or stretched on a frame.

Two different scales are used for monofilament meshes: one for US mesh counts from 100 to 240 and metric counts from 40 to 95; the other for US mesh counts from 200 to 480 and metric counts from 78 to 190. The multifilament chart determines mesh counts from 6XX to 25XX, US halftone numbers from 55 to 200 and metric halftone numbers from 21 to 78.